Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Christmas Gift Guide- The Household Choice

Well with only 39 days to go talk in Monkeyfeet HQ has turned to Gifts, so I thought now might me a good time to start my gift guide, this first post is a really interesting one to me. But I have to tell you that my twenties self would have scoffed at the idea of buying household goods for Christmas! Not now though, and I know we aren't alone in this, Spartacus and I tend to buy just a little something for each other but use some money to buy things we need for the house.

So at the top of our household list this year are....

A Kitchen Aid in Pistachio

Berry and Hollywood have a lot to answer for! I love these I mean they are beautiful and would look so amazing in my kitchen. I know I'm not alone in my lusting either these are a very coveted item


Bread Maker

I know I know I should be making my own by hand but really the idea of throwing stuff in a machine pressing a button and then relaxing while our fresh bread is made for us sounds ideal! So this year I'm asking Santa for a lovely new bread machine


DECT Phone

This one is all for Spartacus. Me personally, I'd be happy with a rotary dial phone! Seriously I so rarely use the home phone it doesn't bother me, but Spartacus has set his eyes upon touch a screen Phone with an answering system! Honestly he's such a techno geek but I think he'd be really happy with a shiny new all singing all dancing DECT phone so let's hope Santa is equally geeky in his shopping

So this is our old fogy 'stuff for the house' shopping list. Do you do something similar in your house? Or do you save Christmas gifts for purely personal presents.



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