Sunday, 30 November 2014

A Salad Is Not Just For Summer

You all know we've been trying to make healthy changes in Monkeyfeet HQ and I'm embarking on my #mummymakeover to try to lose some weight and trim and tone. So I was really pleased to have the opportunity to work with Florette who have just launched a fab new website. They sent me out a lovely goody bag with a brill sports bottle to help me out when Im back to my running, some vouchers for thier lovely salad (of course) 'A Salad For All Seasons' recipe book by Harry Eastwood.

The book is full of scrummy ideas for salads all year round, and I was really inspired to make up my own Healthy Salad recipes, but ones that are suitable for winter time. So here's my current favourite lunchtime treat..

.Florette Leafy Rocket Salad

Winter Warmer Salad
1/2 bag of Rocket
1/2 courgette peeled into ribbons
6 Cubes Feta
1/2 chicken breast, cubed (leftovers from previous dinner_
6 pistachio nuts halved
1/2 small sweet potato cubed and baked (we used leftovers from the evening before)
Chilli and Garlic to taste

Heat a tiny drizzle of oil in a pan and throw in your courgette chilli and garlic and fry gently for a few minutes

Toss in the nuts sweet potato and chicken and allow to warm through.

Add the feta and stir heat for a further 2 minute then add the rocket, put a lid on the pan and toss all the ingredients to mix, serve immediately.

This is so moreish I promise you will love it





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