Saturday, 25 October 2014

Tales of the Termite - 14 months

Mummy keeps telling me that this year is a year full of discovery and I think she's right, I've learned lots and lots and I tell you what it gets me tonnes of applause and cheers. I can sign "fish" which I do when I go see nermi (he's my friend in the corner) . I can say baby when I play with Peanut's Dolly's and I can walk really fast and I do Aaaaallllllllll day long! Wherever I am, I like to walk from one end of the room to the other over and over again

I also have a lovely friend Jimmy, we've been friends for a while (well our mummy's have) but just recently I have started to recognise his name and I even know his mummy's van! I say hello to it when we pass on the way to school. I get so excited when I see him and we always play together on the slide at play group. I can even go on the slide without help.

I only wake up once most nights so mummy is getting more sleep but I've been growing a big back tooth so some nights I just like some extra cuddles.


I've spent lots of time playing with Happy Land and Our Dolls Pram this month, and I love to draw (mummy calls it Mark Making, she thinks I'm very advanced)



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  1. awww she's growing up so quickly love the mark making picture very cheeky!! xx