Tuesday, 28 October 2014

#Mummymakeover Week 4

19-26 October 

I've gained a pound! I have to say this comes as no surprise given the awful week I've had.

I'm quite relieved it's only 1lb as I've ate total rubbish. 

I wish I had words of positivity and plans to share with you all but I don't. I'm
struggling to balance everything and fit in exercise. But I've made a meal plan and we have the week off so I'm hoping to get plenty of outdoor time next week.

Well I genuinely have nothing more to say I'm feeling rather despondent! 


  1. Everyone has bad weeks and I bet you'll shed that with ease this week x Keep going x

  2. Don't put yourself down about it, that 1lb might be partly water weight if you've had a lot of carbs or salty foods! You'll do better next week :)

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