Friday, 3 October 2014

#Mummymakeover week 1

You may have already seen my post about being sugar addicted? As my effort for Stoptober I have given up sweets and cakes and chocolate. I've blathered on all year about losing weight and getting fit, yet I'm still no further forward, so October is the month that things change...

1st October
Today is 'mummy morning running' a local group of mums who meet up then try to run a bit longer/faster/better than they did the week before. It starts straight from school and I'll be honest I normally have to fight the urge to stay at home and eat a family sized bar of chocolate! I've made myself get up and dressed in my running gear (that's 2 bras under anything that hides the wobble !) and I'm determined that I'm making a difference this month.

I'm pleased I went though, the other mums are lovely and there's a few I know  from outside the group. Today I ran with a lovely lady called Lorraine and we've spurred each other on to go a bit further than normal and we've ran over a mile! Now for those of you for whom fitness comes naturally this may not sound like a big deal but I'm over the flipping moon! It's not the easiest thing to run with a pram, especially one that's not specifically a running pram but I'm out there and I'm doing it and it feels quite good. It's also not easy to run when your lady lumps are as big as mine! Yes folks I've been blessed (I actually mean burdened) with boobs that have simply grown with each child and never shrink back to normal! So where once I was a nice 36D now I'm a humongous 38G! Yuhuh that's a G cup meaning running is a feat of engineering and I wear 3, yes that's  THREE,  bra's

I can feel my body aching with the effort and that just helps me keep motivated, that ache has to mean things are moving towards firmness right? 

2nd October 
So on top of the usual running around today I danced and jumped around like a loon to burn off some calories. Termite thought it was great fun! 
I'd love to pop along to an exercise class but I have termite in the day and then the kids have activities 4 nights a week so there's little chance of that, but tonight, with no persuasion and of my own choosing I took The Golden Child  to his afterschool activity on my bike AND picked him up again. Now I didn't think it would be so far but it's actually 1.6 miles! I'm feeling very pleased with myself. Even more so because there are sweets in my house! Yes actual sweets actually in my house! I haven't are them! Yay me!

3rd October 
Termite, Peanut  and The Golden Child took turns last night to wake me. I've slept 2 hours! TWO!!! I'm so exhausted that from first thing  I just want sugar, any sugar at all. But I keep telling myself I won't cave, I can't. I've said aloud that I will give up the sugary treats. But it's so hard. I'm proud though that I said a firm no to cake at Playgroup. I'm not so proud that I may (totally did) have caved in and ate an icecream bar this afternoon. 

6th October
We've had a lovely weekend with lots of walking and no chocolate! I even resisted the skittles that the kids had for movie has been miserable to windy and wet and cold! We've had the heating on and temptation was strong to eat chocolate and drink tea, but I stayed strong left the actual chocolate alone and have allowed myself a low fat hot chocolate drink. I also had some yummy cabbage and potato curry which is so easy and good for you too.

7th October 
More walking today and I'm feeling fab,I've  resisted chocolate and done plenty walking where I can.   I'm not looking forward to Running club tomorrow though, infact I think I've thought of about 670 excuses to not go.... It's weigh day as well !

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