Thursday, 23 October 2014

First World Gratitude

When I found out I was expecting my little peanut I was standing in a guest house in South Africa. The night before I took that test there had been a power outage, perfectly normal and infact the first of around 10 that I encountered in the 2 weeks I was there. But scary would be an understatement, imagine standing alone in the large open grounds of aguest  house, which is in the middle of pretty much nowhere and the lights go out. The darkness was all encompassing I mean not even enough visibility to see your own hand in front of your face, the worry that those animal movement noises you can hear, well they could be anything! 

So this week whilst I have had to spend days without water and electricity my mind wandered back to those days in South Africa and I have been counting my blessings that my power cut was planned, I got a polite letter of explanations with plenty of advance notice that my power would be off between certain times. When the water went off unexpectedly, I was asked if I needed any emergency assistance because I have children at home. Obviously my answer was no, theres a tesco a minute away I'm sure I can stretch to bottled water! But what about those countries where water and electricity isn't avaiable? Where darkness and dirty water are just how life looks? We may complain about the inconvenience of these things but seriously we are blessed beyond belief, and this in turn has led me to start a very huge and scary and exciting batch of research. Research into how we can physically help people who need it, and go somewhere as a family and work to improve the lives of others and show our children how to make a difference to the world. But that my friends is a post all on its own.....

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  1. All very true - I think sometimes we forget just how priveliged we really are! #thankfulthursday