Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Finding My Green Goddess

I remember scoffing (silently to myself ) at people when I was younger, for doing things to save money and energy and be kinder to the environment. Imagine shopping in second hand stores and buying in bulk and batch cooking! Pah! not for my 'fly by the seat of her pants' younger self!


Fast forward twenty years and you will find I have embraced my inner hippy and fully discovered my breast feeding, homebirthing, pre loved buying, cloth nappy using, vegetable growing green goddess-ness! 

 I think it's easy to have a disposable lifestyle in a world of cheap clothes and technology and well everything really. But it's important to think about the bigger cost of things, how will our world survive if we keep filling land fill and increasing our carbon footprint?


So I'm Always happy to share some of the things we do to help the environment and save money and energy.


I breast feed because it's free and I don't use any power to boil water or sterilise equiptment because I don't need any.


I also use cloth nappies because it saves money, and it's better for the environment. We all know that disposables stay in landfill for decades, whereas my gorgeous nappy's (we use the absolutely brilliant Tots Bots) wash and air dry and go back in the drawer or on termites bottom so no landfill here and I'm saving over £1000 during Termites nappy using time.


We batch cook so that we always have. a stock of ready to go nutritious meals and it also means energy saved by not having the cooker on lots through the week


And something we've really got the kids on board with is saving water, my three either take a shower or have a bath all together, we reuse last nights drinking water to water the plants and we switch off the tap when brushing our teeth.


The lovely green guys at Mark Group have designed this really cool info graphic with some extra ideas as well.

So how green are you? Is it important to you to be kind to your environment? What sorts of things do you do to be more 'green' I'd love to hear.
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