Thursday, 16 October 2014

Dream House

Would our children like to draw a Dream House? Well my big two love nothing more than crafting so when we were asked to take part in this challenge in collaboration with Principality Building Society. They were very excited when our craft pack arrived, filled with pens, glitter (Mummy's least favourite crafting accessory) glue, paper and pom poms! Deciding that they didn't need any mummy help I was instructed to leave them to it....

There was a lot of discussion, sticking and colouring so I was looking forward to their picture. I left them in the dining room for 20 minutes and then popped back to find the paper had been discarded as not good enough and together they had built this house instead!!!

Knowing I would never describe this as brilliantly as they did, I shall quote them directly for a description 

'so this is a gold carpet because we live in a palace and that's what they have, and we have a pom pom rug and a fire in the great hall (great hall? I think they've watched too much Sophia the 1st!) at the front is a glitter fountain and on the roof is a fan too keep everyone cool, this is the attic and it has an orange swimming pool in it and this red house ( the bit on the side) is where we keep our dragons!' 

I thinks its utterly brilliant!

What would your kids have in their dream house? And have you ever asked them how much houses cost? Watch this video to find out some funny answers...


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