Wednesday, 29 October 2014

My Three Kids Bring Me Plenty Joy THANKS Professor Mikko Myrskylä PLENTY

I'm so cross I'm finding it hard to formulate a sentence! And please forgive me but there may be lots of these !!!!!!!!!!

I just read a most remarkable (remarkably rubbish,more like) piece of research which states that a third child brings parents 'no extra joy'! You can read it for yourself here

So in response I would like to say ....

Dear Professor Mikko Myrskylä, my third child arrived in August 2013 and she brought with her so much joy to me, my husband our other children and to our family and friends! Sure I get your point 3 kids brings a certain set of worries like, finance (seriously 3 sets of university fees?!!!). Time and emotional demands ( will one of them get left out will I be able to give them all enough?). But to suggest that parenthood becomes 'less novel' is frankly just a bit insulting, I don't know anyone who consider parenting as a novelty.

And please don't be mistaken the worry with your third is just a little different to the worry that comes with having your fist child or your second. Having a third provides no less joy and whilst I may not be a doctor and my research is probably a lot less scientific than yours, I know lots of 3rd time mums and we are mostly in agreement... Three is a walk in the park, you have more confidence as a parent so your child is more content and calm. You are busier than you could possibly imagine it that in turn has made you more efficient than ever. I mean seriously if my former work colleagues thought I was organised before children they'd be running scared now! And the love, the joy of seeing 3 beautiful happy children hugging giggling and being crazy together, the happiness is incomparable. Children are a blessing a privilege and a JOY and no matter how many you have they each fill your heart with a little more joy.


You don't need to believe me have a look around social media because you've caused quite a storm and everyone seems to feel the same as I, that your findings are a bit bonkers!

While I was writing this, rather crossly bashing on my keyboard a message popped up from my lovely friend Kate and guess what, she was writing a response to your findings too feel free to have a spy of what she thinks




  1. As you know, I wholeheartedly agree. 3 children brings a joy that knows no bounds.

    1. Imagine how he feels about the folk who have 4, 5, 6 and more! Almost makes me want to go increase my baby joy again! I don't think spartacus will agree though

  2. Ooh Er! I am Mummy's 4th baby!!! We have each brought our own joy and happiness to the family. Mummy says I was the last missing piece of her family jigsaw! x

  3. I read this too and I was absolutely shocked and quite disgusted really.

  4. Sorry entered before I was finished. I think whether it's your 1st your 3rd or 10th baby it shouldn't matter. A baby is a baby and it's a blessing. I only have two but I would have lots more if I could. Children bring joy to my life