Thursday, 11 September 2014

When Disaster strikes

Last week we returned from a 2 week holiday to discover a pipe had broken and  had leaked for 2 weeks soaking through the middle of the house from top to bottom!

This is some degree of what we discovered

We now have to have walls and floors and staircases removed, possibly move out, have new carpets and decor and the book loss has been huge! But I'm finding thanks! 

This week I'm thankful for insurance, rarely have we claimed on our insurance but this week the have been worth thier weight in gold. Sending out specialists and assesors, arranging replacements and all with kindness and efficiency. So MORE THAN thankyou, so far you have been amazing.

Adventures of A Monkeyfooted Mummy


  1. so glad to hear that insurance are covering! that is one hell of a thank you! x

  2. So please you are covered! There is nothing worse than coming home to something like that after a holiday! X

  3. How awful to come home to but as you say, be thankful for having insurance in place.