Friday, 26 September 2014

Tales of the Termite 13 Months

A year and a month! I've had such a busy month since my birthday. We were actually on holiday in Spain on the day of my birthday but we had a little cake and everyone sang happy birthday to me. Then when we came home I had a lovely party in my play group and mummy and daddy bought me a smart trike which I LOVE!


So I figured it was about time to give them a treat and decided to do this.....


It's so much fun and the rentals and siblings (that's short for parentals you know, mum and dad) go crazy clapping and cheering. My my big sister Peanut likes to walk around holding my hand. Mummy especially goes a bit mental I think she may even leak from her eyes! And to celebrate I even got a new pair of clarks shoes, sadly they didn't last long as I took one off and now it's gone forever!

I've also started sleeping in my cot on an afternoon, see I only need one nap now from 1-2.30pm Mummy says she is very proud of me because she can just pop me in My cot and I settle myself! She claims I should do this on an evening as well but to be honest with you I enjoy having a sleepy feed with mummy and she keeps telling me that soon she won't be nursing me anymore which I think is just unfair! I mean I only nurse on a night time surely that should be acceptable right?

My favourite thing this month has been having my hair brushed by daddy, I take him my brush, climb up on him and snuggle in while he brushes my (very short, but rapidly growing) hair.

Mummy likes to play a game called where's the... She really loves this so I play along, so far I've showed her where my nose, toes and eyes are. I also bring her Elmo, Cookie Monster and Iggle Piggle when she asks and she gets really excited and says I'm super clever.
I can also use a fork and spoon and a big girl cup without any help at all, strange though sometimes when I get excited all the water comes out of my cup and usually ends up on mummy!
This month I have loved using:
  • Smart Trike I love to go out on this, I can see lots of things when I'm wheeling around and it's really comfortable, I can't wait to get going on it on my own!
  • Fisher Price Weebles these are funny looking things that just wobble and spin around, but they are really smooth and fun to hold and try to roll.
  • Tots Bots Easy Fits I love wearing these and mammy tells me month after month how cute I look in them and they are apparently really easy to wash and use.
  • Amber anklets I'm still wearing my anklet and mummy says it really helps me when I get teething grumpiness!
  • Clark's pre walkers these are the beautiful shoes that I loved to take off but now I've lost them! mummy says she will get me some more because I'm running around now.
  • Iggle Piggle now I discovered this strange looking thing in my big sisters room and I love him so much! He makes kissing noises and sings a song and he is so soft AND he has friends and they are on my telly box and they are so much fun that I get very excited when I'm allowed to watch them.



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