Tuesday, 30 September 2014

So Long Sweet Sugar

Ok this is a bit if a shameful and hard post for me! Here goes....

I'm a sugar addict, I know this for an absolute fact, let me explain, I'm not just your bog standard 'I like chocolate' mummy. No no I'm a bonafide I can not cope if there's not something sugary in the house. I eat in secret! Yes I'm sad and shamed to tell you I have secret stashes of sweets in the house that I snaffle through the day. Dissapointinglu This behaviour means that I've stayed at a steady (way too high) weight since around 2 weeks after Termite was born. Yuhuh I managed to grow my third child withough gaining any residual weight, infact 2 weeks after she was born I weighed 20lb less than 2 weeks before I found out I was pregnant! And now? A year later? Well I'm still exactly the same weight! I eat well and I'm mobile most of the day and I've breastfed all this time so technically I should be the weight of a wet Gazette (there's another Northern term for you!) but alas I'm not.

So with Stoptober rapidly approaching I have come to a rather momentous decision... I'm stopping the unrefined sugar

No more sweets or cakes, no biscuits or icecream and no jellys or chocolate! 

I'll be honest I sort of doubt my ability but I'm going to try really really hard and I hope it will change my energy levels and my body shape!

Wish me luck! Are you giving up anything for Stoptober? 

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