Friday, 19 September 2014

Ooh You Lucky Duck

When I tell folks what I do they think I have a very glamourous job filled with free stuff and lots of spare time making lots of money. This is not quite the case, Blogging , in my humble opinion is not as easy as people think. and whilst I dont think I'm anywhere near good enough to offer advice to ANYONE. but I often get asked for tips on to start blogging and how to make money so here goes


  • Write because you want to. It's easy to get caught up with numbers. The number of followers you have, rankings, number of comment etc. But this can distract you from the goal; TO WRITE
  • Don't Expect Too Much Just starting a blog won't men that suddenly people are knocking down your door with offers of reviews and free holidays. It takes work and promotion to build relationships with companies
  • Make Friends With Some PR Agencies. Its all about who knows YOU, so find out the PR contact for the companies you love, and look around for PRs who's clients fit nicely with your blog. I've built relationsships with lots of PR Companies companies like Total Media Agency. These agencies are lovely to work with and the key is to have good communicaiton so you can have a great working relationship
  • Post Lots. Write about anything and everything that strikes a chord with you, get your work out there and keep posting. To use (and change) a cheesy line... 'If you write it they will read' just keep writing and soon you will gain readers.
  • Promote Yourself, Get on Twitter and facebook and share your work with others, in return go read other blogs and leave comments soon enough people will see your name popping up all over and they will come take a look, then they will of course love you so much they will come back again and again!
  • Make It Easy To Follow You Make sure your follow buttons and social media links work and are easy to find, and ask people to follow you, company's like to see you have engagement.





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