Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Toogiez Review and Competition

I was intrigued when I first heard from Noa at Toogiez  about the launch of these brilliant kids t-shirts. I love to see people doing well in new business ventures and so I was eager to help out when I read about thier plan and they asked if I would like to try the product.


What They Say  

Toogiez are a match made in heaven - adorable, collectible plushies that stick to comfy, stylish, specially designed t-shirts. Attached securely and displayed proudly, toogiez are a child’s best friend, wearable sidekick and constant companion.
Our range of toogiez plushies allows kids to mix and match and switch and swap throughout the day, giving them endless choice, variety and fun from the moment they wake up until they (finally!) get into bed.
Whether it’s heading off to school, a playdate with friends, a trip to the doctor or off on an adventure, toogiez accompany your child wherever he or she goes, building a sense of security, a feeling of friendship and bringing lots of fun to each part of the day.
Toogiez are designed for kids between the ages of 2-8, boys and girls, loud and quiet, sweet and silly, big and small. toogiez are a way for kids to express their imagination, identity and emotions, selecting the toogy that best represents their mood, feelings, environment or occasion. 
As moms of toddlers quickly growing up, we realized our kids could benefit from a toy that could act as a companion, empowering our children to enter the world independently and confidently. As we waved our kids off on playdates and at the kindergarden gates, we wanted to be able to give them peace of mind and a piece of home. We wanted a symbol of our love and protection that our kids could carry with them wherever they went.
We also wanted to create a toy that could also encourage our kids to communicate their feelings and emotions. Without fully developed language skills and vocabulary tools, we nonetheless wanted them to be able to express themselves in an understandable, relatable way.
 And so toogiez were born. By creating a wide range of characters, each with different personalities, stories and identities that are showcased in the accompanying booklet 'toogiez tales' that comes with each set, kids can easily pick the plushy that best suits their mood and their activity. toogiez are a wonderful tool for developing and enhancing our children’s emotional world. 

What We Say

The Tee and Toogy arrived in lovely packaging with a Toogiez booklet, Peanut loved her tee and 'Lia' the toogie was just perfect for her, Lia has dark hair just like we have, and a pink tutu (despite my efforts to the contrary Peanut LOVES pink!) She noticed straight away that the velcro sticky patch on the tee was a heart shape so it matched the pattern on the rest of the tee. 

She wore it on a day when we were off to see some other mums and a mixed age group of children. Well she has spent all morning showing off her toogy to all the babies, encouraging them to feel the material and describing who Lia was.

Then we came home to have a tea party in Lia's honour. Now I will be honest here, I love the philosophy behind this product but I was a little dubious as to wether Peanut would quite see it the same way, but it seems she really did see Lia as a friend to show around and take care of, so I take back my doubt!

We also popped down to our local seafront entertainment where peanut won a prize, she was more pleased though that the childrens entertainer said he loved her t-shirt 

There are loads of  Toogies characters to choose from ........
I love the super heroes and  I know that my Termite will love this little dinosaur. It's great that they can be changed so easily and kids can swap abnd change with each other. 

Overall its a grreat prduct, personally I would like to see less seperation segregated labelling of the Toogiez as girls and boys. (A personal bug bear) maybe some different colour backgrounds to the tees. 

I hope this kickstarter campaign is successful for these ladies because my peanut loved this product and Im sure it could start a massive craze whilst encouraging imaginative play and interaction. If you would  like to pledge to help them launch,  visit here you can also connect on Twitter or Facebook 

Brilliantly they have offered a Toogiez Tee and Character as a prize for one of my lucky readers. Just fill in the Rafflecopter below


  1. I think my youngest daughter would love Happy the Dog!

  2. my daughters obsessed with dinosaurs so the dino one

  3. Would love the bunny or the kitty :)

  4. The ginger cat

  5. my son would like the superhero one

  6. the ginger cat @Amezeylady

  7. i like the dalmatian but my lil girl loves ballerinas