Monday, 18 August 2014

The Magic Number

How do you know? Is there a feeling or do you have to be cold and calculating and figure out your finances? No I'm not talking about a new car or job I'm talking about babies!

I'm blessed, and I really feel do feel that way, with three beautiful healthy babies, sadly at 37 I'm also *cough* pushing forty (ssshhh). So my decision to have or not t have another needs to be soon.

Would four be too many, too much financial strain, would they lack attention? What about university costs and holidays and Christmases?  Would my poor patient loving hard working husband be put under too much pressure to provide financially and emotionally. 

Or am I right to think that four has always been my ideal, that of course we will cope, we have a strong and happy marriage a big enough house and car. I love being a mum and I'm hoping I do an ok job?! Kids don't need to be lavished with expensive gifts and mine aren't, we shop pre loved and we buy bargains and in bulk to save money. 

But then there's the health issues am I too old are we risking health problems for me and baby, if there where any disabilities or long term health problems would I be able to properly devote my time to all of the children, is it fair to take the risk? 

There are so many questions to answer before we make our choice. What is your perfect number? 


  1. We are in a very similar place right now. We have 3 - and are debating number 4. We have asked ourselves all the same questions that you have, and still haven't come to a decision - it's a bit head VS heart at the moment.

  2. I've just had number 4. What I would say is you may regret never having another baby, but you wouldn't regret having one. BUT I say that as someone in a fortunate position. I will say that food bills, school uniform/shoe shopping is SO expensive! Seriously, another thing to consider is cars: once you get past 3 then car choices become more limited (and more pricey). Also house size, as whilst they are young it feels like you all fit, but you need to think about teenagers lolling around too!

    4 is my perfect number :o)

    1. CongratulationsSian and so lovely to hear the house is a big consideration, with 5 beds we technically have enough space but they are only wee !

  3. oh that is such a tough one i am debating if i shall stop now having a boy and a girl and being a family of 4 sounds good to me we are yet to buy a house and get married next year and my OH did say he would love another one but i am not sure although i know i will get broody but not certain that will be enough to have number 3.