Saturday, 30 August 2014

Pushchair Etiquette

Please forgive my rant, I'm so cross at the rudeness I've encountered whilst on holiday in a European theme park that I had to put pen to paper (well finger to ipad!) 

This is my Termite in her pushchair ...

You see that, there's four people this picture FOUR! That's right my Theme Park friends, there is a person in that there wheeled contraption! 

She is One year old and likes to look around and chat and enjoy the world SHE IS A PERSON, she is too small to use her legs yet so this is her transport, her safe space this is her little oasis in the crazy world. 

You may not, move, push , kick, shove, lean on or step over her pushchair. You may not balance your  belongings on it or step on it. You absolutely CAN NOT pass hot food or drinks over it, for that matter don't pass any thing over it. If you do and you drop something on my child you will have to face my wrath, and believe me it will not be nice. More importantly imagine the horrific injury that could occur from a spilled cup of coffee, do you want that on your conscience?

I would hope that basic human decency means you would not consider doing any of the above mentioned things to a person using a wheelchair? So why why would you consider this acceptable behaviour towards a child? Is it because she can't object? Well I can, and this is my official, it's out there in the world, objection!!! 

Please please have some respect because I swear on all that I hold dear the next person to invade my daughters space and risk her health may well be 'accidentally' hit in the ankles! 


  1. Oh my! How rude....I wouldn't dream of doing that.....It's invading her personal space. You are right in ranting!

  2. I hop you told them where to go!! thats very rude!!