Friday, 22 August 2014

Fishy Friends- How We chose The Right Pet For Us

-I'm almost positive that Ive introduced you all to our fish Nermi, but if not here he is....

He was called Nermi because my son couldn't say Nemo at the time and always referred to the famous movie  fish as Nermi and it just stuck

We chose a goldfish after much discussion, I believe children learn a lot from caring for a pet and think all children should have one, Spartacus thinks its too much work and we have enough to care for with the children! Spartacus made a valid point that we travel a lot and so would need something that wouldn't be affected by this. It was decided Goldfish are low maintenance, fairly cheap and easy to care for.

And so family monkey feet became the proud owners of Raisin, Banarnia and Nermi. 

Sadly Raisin died almost immediately but Banarnia stayed with us a good couple of years and Nermi is still going strong. We love having him around and quite often treat him to a new plant or ornament.   

The kids regularly update him about thier day and activities when they come home and we have to have a rota of who feeds him! Best of all with one of these Auto Feeders we know he has his food every day while we are away

If you are considering a family pet I would highly recommend a Goldfish they are much more fun than you imagine and easy to care for too.

***This is a Collaorative Post***

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