Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Boy Proof His Wardrobe

When you’ve got a boy or two in your family, you’re also guaranteed to have a washing machine that never seems to get an hour off. No sooner does he get changed into a fresh set of clothes then spilt drinks, mud, grass stains and bits of dinner start doing their worst again. And all that’s before you consider the hammering he gives his clothes when skidding across the grass, getting his trousers snagged on trees and falling off his skateboard. Here’s how to make sure the clothes you buy him can take everything he throws at them.


Shorts and Trousers


Whether they’re crawling through a bush looking for a lost ball, letting their imagination run free building a new Lego creation or just chilling out in front of the TV, boys tend to spend a lot of time on their knees, so it’s not surprising that the knee area of their trousers is prone to wearing out. Buy him hardwearing jeans and joggers and consider opting for reinforced knees so his trousers can live another day as a hand-me down for his little brother. In the summer, unless it’s unusually cold and rainy, shorts are the best option as the knee problem is taken out of the equation and you’ll only have a messed-up bottom area to sort out when it’s time to throw them in the wash.




After knees, elbows can be the next problem for boys’ clothes. In the summer pick him up some cheap bright T-shirts. Whether he’s into Mickey Mouse, Spiderman or Despicable Me, there are loads of fun, great value options out there. When it comes to long-sleeved tees and shirts, again look for reinforced elbows to make his top last as long as it fits him. Also, think twice before going for light colours – that crisp white T-shirt may set off his suntan perfectly but it won’t look so cool when it’s covered in splodges of chocolate ice-cream.




Plastic clogs to throw on and go, a pair of trainers and some machine-washable Velcro-strapped summer sandals are all he needs to take him through the long summer holiday. When it’s time to go back to school, remember boys’ school shoes have to put up with the tough demands of footie games and rough’n’tumble in the playground, so make sure they’re a good fit and built to last. Thesegreat boys’ school shoes will take him from work to play and back again. And don’t forget every boy needs a pair of wellies to chuck on when it’s raining so he doesn’t soak his shoes on his wet walks and adventures.


When you’ve got boys, you just have to roll with it and expect a daily laundry challenge. But with so many good quality, great value boyswear options around in the shops and supermarkets these days, keeping your boy clean and presentable looking doesn’t need to be a battle you’re always destined to be on the losing side of!

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