Saturday, 2 August 2014

A Big Breastfeeding Moan

I have nursed all my children, that's a running total of about 27 months so far. Now I don't want a medal, nor a pat on the back. Breastfeeding is MY choice, because that's how I believe babies should feed. I'm not judging anyone who has or does formula feed. My philosophy has always been that the less fuss people make about breastfeeding the the less fuss breastfeeding will create. Because let's be honest it's normal and natural and just exactly what boobs are for. 

This is us being normal and natural ('scuse the food stains!)

Let me tell you what sorts of things I've given up in order to breastfeed; 

  • Sleep (I don't express because I don't enjoy it and she's never had a bottle so there seems no need to try to force one now, therefore nightfeeds are all about me) 
  • Weekend lie ins 
  • Nice underwear
  • Average sized boobs, I've gone up and up the sizes with each child so I'm now a G cup instead of a nice (easy to buy for) D!! 
  • Caffeine 
  • Alcohol
  • Quorn (it never agreed with peanut!)
  • Nights out with the girls
  • Nights out  with my husband 
  • A whole section of foreplay (because honestly they feel like the least sexual thing ever at the moment!) 
  • Personal space
  • And a bit of my rational brain (is she getting enough/any, is that poo normal, when god, when will she sleep. These are all regular conversations in my head!) 
None of this matters because my kids are healthy happy and full of the goodness that I have/do give them. But please understand breast feeding is about sacrifices sometimes. 

So here are some things I don't need in relation to breastfeeding ...

 I don't need judgement, these are my boobs and these are my babies and I'm doing my very best for them. I'm not judging anyone else so keep it to yourself.

I don't need you to have a dig that 'I never come out anymore' I miss it too. But honestly there's loadsa time for you to watch me get drunk on one glass of Pinot and tell you how much I 'geet love you'

When you find out I'm still nursing at 11 months I  don't need to see you pull this face

Coincidentally I also don't need you to say 'eurgh REALLY' like I just crapped in your cornflakes!

I don't need you to tell me I should express! I choose not to because it makes me feel like a dairy cow, it's noisy and uncomfortable it involves sterilising and storage and warming and takes twice as long as just feeding her. 

Additionally 'ooh but she's got teeth ' is just a waste of breath! I thank you for you concern for my nipples, but she's not a vampire nor a zombie and not to my knowledge a cannibal so, Yes I'm  aware of her teeth but biting me would be counterproductive so she won't be making a habit of it.

So people next time you have a negative reaction to the news that someone is breastfeeding, try this.... If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all! 


  1. Amen!!!! I am very proud that this time around i am able to fully breastfeed my baby and get really angry when i get stuff like "oh you will start to wean her soon, i guess then its time to wean her off your boob too, right?" yeah i might have less sleep and less me time but i also have a happy and healthy baby! xx

    1. Plus the lovely hormones from nursing help with the sleep deprivation. Mother Nature is magic

  2. Absolutely,l what a great post! I wish I'd have written this, it sums it all up amazingly! Thanks so much for sharing with the Breastfeeding diaries!

  3. You hit the nail on this head - the less fuss about it the better. It's the one baby subject that causes the most rows ever! x

    1. I know, and seriously there are countries in the world where women and babies are just connected at the boob permanently no fuss or shame in it

  4. Great post. I get the "you're still breastfeeding?" face a lot - I'm "still" feeding my youngest two children who are now 1 year 8 months and 3 years 8 months. I'm afraid I couldn't do without my caffeine though!

  5. It's doesn't much bother me tbh I missed the quorn more!

  6. Brilliant post!my son self weaned a few weeks ago aged 21 months and the faces people pulled when they realised he was a walking toddler were hilarious! I do miss the closeness but glad he weaned, it was the right time for both of us! X

  7. When are you going to stop is my least favourite question ever. My feeding him in no way inconveniences you at all, so why would you wonder when I'm going to stop. Plus he's 8 months old!

    This, Karen, is a brilliant post.

  8. Love this! you've captured so much of the truth about breast feeding. From the lovely naturalness, to the occasional inconvince and the hilarious faces that can look exactly like that when people find still feeding a older little one!