Friday, 25 July 2014

Tales of The Termite - 11 months

I'm nearly 1! But sssshh mammy hates to hear it!  I have some rockingly great tricks this month, my best is this kissing thing.  have discovered how to give kisses which mummy just loves. It's dead easy you just lean toward the other person and say 'mmmm' then they go all soft and squishy and say how lovely I am. Top it with one of my super cuddles and honestly I can get anything I like. Everyone says how cuddly I am but really I can't see why anyone wouldn't want to just hug, it's so nice! 

I have loads of toys I've enjoyed playing with and one I really love is my 'fort' it's so much fun playing peekaboo from here and the big kids love to come sit with me which I just love!

Ok so I have also discovered telephones, I'm not sure how they work but let me explain, I pick something up, hold it to my ear and say hello (note from mummy- she actually says 'hi hi'or 'erroh' shes so clever) then mummy asks 'who's on the telephone?' And I hand whatever is in my hand to her, she has a chat and gives me it back normally saying 'it's for you it's the monkey/giraffe/daddy/grandad' it's lots of fun and you can use anything, the Tv buttons, a teddy, daddy's computer mouse.....

Seriously though my favourite thing is a manky old horse head , it used to be on  a pole that the big two would put between thier legs then run about, but I kept hitting myself so now it looks like this....

I find it wherever it is, take it to Daddy and shout 'da da da da' he picks me up, presses the button and we ride along to the horsey noise and then the horse gives me a kiss! 

I can play this for hours and hours but sometimes daddy tries to ignore me and that makes me baaaaaaaaad tempered. 

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