Sunday, 13 July 2014

Playing Nice on Social Media!

I love facebook, it's no secret. But one thing that gets my goat is the ability for other people to freely pass judgement whilst hiding behind thier keyboards.

Just recently I've witnessed several
Instances on public pages of people judging parental choices. Let me give you some examples;

You are a disgrace of a parent if you let your kids go to kids club on holiday, they could end up like Madeleine McCann !!! (This statement was so offensive to me that I almost couldn't bring myself to write it!) 

It must be nice to give up your  job and stay home with your kids some of us can't and you's are a bunch of moaners talking about it being a full time job, you've got it easy!

It's obviously the parents fault when a kid has a tantrum if you are a good parent your children know how to behave.

I'm not writing this to address those comments above, because honestly I'm sure you are all competent enough in using   your brains to see the nastiness in them. No, I'm writing this to say that parenting is hard

Its  hard to work when you are leaving your kids with someone else to go to work. Are you missing out? Are they missing you? Are they OK ?

Its also hard to give up a career you love even when it's the only solution for your family, it's hard to miss out on the excitement of that career and wonder if you will ever get back into it. Despite enjoying your family time and freedom its still a very big change. 

It's hard to make the right choices, stay calm, keep them entertained, are they eating right, getting enough fruit and veg, are you too strict or not strict enough, should you give them more freedom or are you giving them too much? 

PARENTING IS HARD we all know this. So why, when any parent can tell you about tough days and parental mistakes would anyone judge another parent? Don't get me wrong I'm guilty of it I stand in judgement of parents who smack, who smoke and who call thier children stupid. I stand in judgement of many things but I'd rather open a conversation about these subjects than type something awful
in a public domain. 

To anyone who has ever been a keyboard warrior I'd like to suggest that you follow these rules .... 

If you wouldn't say it to your gran don't say it on social media

Think about this, would you say the sentence you just typed to someone's face? And by someone I mean a person you have just met! Imagine walking up to a stranger in the supermarket and saying 'I blame you, you are a bad parent and that's why your child is crying' would you? No? Then maybe leave it off social media.

Please remember you may be miles apart and it's only Facebook, but your words can have an effect they can make people hurt, doubt themselves, give up or do something worse. 

Play nice people, technology has made the world a smaller place. A place where you can find pretty much anything you need any time you need it, I still see the internet as a gift but that's because I'm geet old (there's a northern term for you). Let's keep social media for the purposes of time wasting and helping people, not for being bullies.

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  1. I totally agree, I've seen some awful comments online recently in a variety of places, no need for it at all! Great post!