Saturday, 5 July 2014

Festival Fun at the Seaside - by Barny Bear


Hello there I'm Barny and I love to try new things, I'm always ready for a new adventure.

I've arrived at a strange place called Monkeyfeet HQ. I came with 4 fellow chocolate bears and in a seperate shuttle (box) 5 of my Strawberry friends.

There's much talk here among the little people (Peanut, Golden Child and Termite)  about a parade we will be going to so I'm very excited. Apparently we wil march through the town singing and dancing ending up at the seaside to launch a summer parade.

I'm worried for my fellow chocolate bears, the mummy one here has taken two of them today. She took one this morning and he never returned, then this afternoon she came back for another with a rather guilty look on her face and a cup of tea in hand! 

Today I heard the mummy person tell the daddy person she doesn't think any of us chocolate bears will make the parade and picnic because she loves us too much. This confused me. She told him we were so gorgeous and light and our chocolate is so creamy that she has trouble stopping herself from taking more!

Today is the day. With much excitement we have all been packed into a large red bag and placed on something called a pushchair. The Monkeyfooted ones are dressed in bright clothing with ribbons and balloons and musical instruments, we met up with lots of other mini meastro's and all gathered together to play and eat our picnics.

The kids were too excited to eat much though so most of the food was packed back away and we went to get ready to start our march, it was so much fun with the crowds waving at us, and listening to all the kazoos and singing. Peanut was dancing alongside The Golden Child but  Termite  fell asleep about 5 minutes in almost dropping me from her iron grasp and she slept through the whole thing.!

Ah its the end of the parade we've all sat down again to chat and play and The Monkeyfooted ones have  popped me and all my bear friends on the picnic blanket so we can all join in with the fun....

Monkeyfooted Mummy Here, Im afraid Barny couldnt finish his diary because the kids ate them all up! Ha ha, seriously though  I can say first hand these cakes are lovely and they went down a storm with the little (and not so little 'ahem') ones. A great little snack to carry about as they are individually wrapped and just the right size,.you can find ut more here but it would be more fun just to pop out and get some, then go on your own little adventure.

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  1. Ok... that was seriously one cute post! The bear cakes look yummy, and it looks like everyone had a grand time at the parade. (well... maybe not EVERYone... ahem...LOL)