Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sensatori Sharm - Day One

Despite a delayed flight, which we had no notification or announcements about until almost departure time, we arrived a little crumpled but all in one piece. The kids behaved brilliantly and 5.5 hours wasn't as torturous as I'd anticipated.

The airport in Sharm is a little intimidating with people telling you to queue without explaining why, baggage handlers asking for money to pass your pram through and people trying to 'help' with your bags  who will then ask for cash. But it was quick and not too crowded 

First impressions 

It was lovely to be greeted with a cold towel and cold drink. There were not many seats in reception though

Check in was quick and friendly

Staff are friendly and informative and very happy to help

Food wasn't great but it was 10.45pm and the restaurant was closing at 11pm so I'm reserving judgement until we have seen a fully functioning sitting. 

The room is clean and spacious, we have a family swim up but disappointingly we have only one sunbed outside which I don't understand at all, are we to take turns? 

The terrace is tiny and we are covered in so I'm concerned we won't be getting much sun. 

The kids sleeping area is very cramped but the main sleeping area is large and easily fits the cot in without feeling crowded.

Tomorow we will see how the restaurant is and have a fresh look at our outdoor situation. 


  1. Mmmm not a great start. I hope it improves and you have a lovely holiday

  2. Not the best of starts....Hope your holiday improves x

  3. Oh dear - it wasn't the best of starts but if I remember rightly it turned out to be a lovely holiday for you. The one sunbed thing is weird!