Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sensatori Sharm - Day 2

It's been hot hot hot here today so we've just been finding our feet, I must admit to feeling dissapointed in some things.....

This mornings tour of the resort was rather frustrating, the lady in charge wasn't waiting for everyone before she described different areas so because I was with the pram I kept having to find alternative routes, and then missing all the information. 

A brief look at the splash pool led us to think there's nowhere to sit around the spray ground in order to supervise the children, we are going to wanderback tomorrow to have a reall look  

We had lunch in the Tiran beach  bar which is waiter service but it felt very rushed, almost like an inconvenience for us to be there not the normal 5 star service we would expect.

My biggest frustration has been (wait for the first worlds problem here people!) we have had the do not disturb on the front door so housekeeping wouldn't disturb the kids having some much needed sleep, but instead housekeeping rang our room waking everyone up to see if we wanted cleaning! I know the sentiment is good but to me sleep deprived mother) do not disturb does not mean please don't knock but feel free to call. 

On the positive side we managed to get booked up for dinner for the next two nights using the machine with absolutely no problems so we are visiting The Egyptian and Italian restaurants 

We needn't have worried about the small terrace as it's soooooo hot we've not been able to sit out so have just been in the pool! 

We have had a lovely drink in the cool of the lobby bar, and discovered some nice looking shops, a beauty salon and some areas of the hotel, we've splashed in our pool. Where one of the pool bar waiters popped by regularly to see if we wanted drinks and also bought us snacks too! We have relaxed in our nice cool room and because we are all a bit tired from yesterday's journey tonight we have an early night planned.

Something we've really noticed is the hygiene measures in place. We have been asked to use hand sanitiser upon entering every restaurant, the chefs wear gloves when handling your plates and there are signs everywhere to say please wash your hands. It's great to see they are taking all steps to prevent Poorliness. 

We have used our Buggabandz tonight  for the first time and where I would normally be bitten to bits (and I mean I've been hospitalised previously in Egypt, because of so many bites) I'm so happy to report we have so far had no bites. 

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