Sunday, 22 June 2014

Happy Birthday To My 'Golden Child'

Happy 4th Bithday Son, it feels like no time at all since I was excitedly watching House on  TV  at 4am with Daddy timing my surges as you started your journey to meet us. You took a while but 25 hours later there you lay perfect in every way snuggled in my arms. 

You are a kind and gentle boy and you bring me so much joy, spending afternoons with you, hugging on the sofa playing in the garden or tootling around fills my heart with happiness.

You give such lovely kisses and cuddles without being asked and you can cheer up my most miserable day. I love how you like to discover but you like to know daddy or I are close enough to touch while you are discovering. You make me laugh with your funny sayings and the natural comedy timing you seem to have. Using the quote 'that's a woman' from The Lorax at the perfect moment still makes Daddy and I laugh so hard we almost cry! Your 'crazy laugh' and ability to imitate a minion (ha ha bottom) could make even the toughest audience crack with laughter. 

And your run cheers us up immensely Daddy claims you pedal your arms so fast it diverts the energy from your legs and you end up going nowhere fast. 
You are in touch with your feminine side, which can only be a good thing as you are surrounded by girls. Just today you asked for your nails to be painted blue because Peanut was having hers pink! 

Please don't ever lose your sensitivity and natural empathy for others, your nurturing and caring side has shone through in your baby sisters first year, showing concern for her (and my) tears trying to think of ways to make us feel better, being kind and helpful and also celebrating her achievements with absolutely no envy for the attention she gets when she does achieve something new. These traits will make you a good man when you are older and stand you in good stead for the career you choose, which I think will be medical but dad thinks will be more business based. 

I look at your big sister and see hints of the woman she will become and I feel
No doubt she will choose someone to share her life and her dreams and this settles well with me, I look at you though and my heart aches that one day someone will become the keeper of your heart and it won't be mine anymore. No one warned me that this is part and parcel of mothering boys!

You fill my heart, make me laugh, brighten my days, you are a smart clever, kind, caring, funny, sensitive soul and I will miss the day when it's no longer cool to crawl Into mummy's bed for snuggles or to spend 15 minutes cuddled up talking about ' tell me what did we do today mammy' so for now my boy I'm going to absorb every ounce of affection from you. Thankyou for being such an amazing son I look forward and yet dread helping you transition into big school and seeing you blossom into the new discoveries of the learning that awaits.

I love you more than all the sweeties in the world my boy and all the sand on the beach! 


  1. Happy 4th Birthday! What a lovely post x

  2. Aww! What a lovely post!
    Happy Birthday!!

  3. Lovely! Happy birthday little man being four rocks! My 4 yr old loves his nails being painted too :-)