Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Political Post

For this weeks Thankful Thursday I was going to write about how grateful I am to have a wealth of activities available for my children to attend. Then a conversation on Facebook got me thinking about how lucky we are to have a vote!

Yes folks I'm going all political and a little bit feminist. You see its all well and good bandying about the old adage 'women died to get you that vote' but its true, and its not just about The Suffragettes stories we all know, yes Emily Davison threw herself in front of the kings horse, we learn that in history. But did you know many more women died in Prison, yes they were sent to prison for fighting to have a vote, where they went on hunger strike and were force fed. This involves having a tube rammed down your throat into your stomach to pump in food! And they died because they were fighting for OUR right to walk to a polling station and write a cross in a box.

We have no excuse not to vote, we have the Internet at our finger tips and can find out a wealth of information about all the political parties with just a tiny bit of work. It is truly unforgivable not to have your say. It's a waste of the lives of women who frankly were no different to you and I except they stood up and fought, FOR US.

Lets remember as well there are countries in the world where women are forbidden from voting, they have no say, in some places they can't drive.Women all over the world are oppressed and silenced  but Thanks to great women in our history we are not

If you don't vote you can't complain about taxes or roads or health care or rising costs or house prices, or pretty much anything public really because you wasted your chance to exercise your right to CHOOSE. So please please do your research and make your choice.  Regardless of who it is for we should be thankful for the sacrifices that made it possible I know I am, so this Thursday my Thanks go to the brave history makers who changed our lives and helped us have a say.

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  1. So true. If you dont participate and vote you dont have the right to complain about whats happening in the country. I am a foreigner and I am not allowed to vote yet but I always remind my husband with these things. A nice post =) #ThankfulThursday