Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Termites Tales -9 months

Yoohoo, well I've now be out almost as long as I was in! Can you imagine? 

This month has been a bit of a crazy one for me, I now have 7, yes I said SEVEN, teeth through and growing rapidly. I can eat pretty much anything Mummy does my favourite is curry and rice or mummy's paella. 

I can do a real proper big kid crawl without looking like a caterpillar and I'm super fast, I mean speedy as can be mummy watches me like a hawk. Better than that though I can pull  myself up, not just on my cot like last month, but on anything. I can climb up Furniture, people, prams, even on the toilet when mummy was running my bath. She didn't seem too impressed with that though! I can also 'cruise' this sounded funny to me when mummy said it but she means I can work my way around the furniture by moving those wriggly things at the end of my legs! I not too keen on put those flat on the floor yet mummy says I have to because walking on my tippitoes isn't very comfy.

I can clap, wave, use my pincer grasp and shake my head to tell mummy I no longer want food.  I still don't like to sleep all night though, mummy has taken me for something called Bowen which has really stopped my reflux pain. But I'm so used to seeing her through the night that I still like her to come give me a few cuddles! 

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