Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Read With Me - Oxford Reading Tree

This isn't really a review as such but I really wanted to share with you how wonderfully my Peanut is coming along with her reading.

She  is coming to the last term of Reception and has always done really well with her letters and numbers so I wasn't surprised when her teacher told us that she was excelling in reading group, her school chooses to use Oxford Reading Tree system which has a great resource for helping at home called Oxford Owl with loads of free ebooks and activities to support your child's learning.

Three weeks ago Peanut was on level 4 and this week she came home on level 7 ! This weeks book is called The Jigsaw Puzzle, part of The Biff Chip and Kipper stories, in this adventure the children travel to a far away time depicted in their jigsaw. we are relly looking forward to reading this one. Peanut has really enjoyed all of these books and found some of them very funny especially Monkeys Magic Pipe which she read last week, about a clever monkey who rescued his friends from a mean monster by making the monster dance and tricking him into releasing the animals from his bag.

Oxford Reading Tree Traditional Tales: Level 6: Monkey's Magic Pipe
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 If you have a little person learning to read these books are a great place to start. They have really helped build peanut's confidence in reading.

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  1. aaaa it is nice to see children really enjoying reading, well done to your daughter!! thank you for sharing this with #ReadWithMe I have tweeted and pinned this post x

  2. So lovely when they can read on their own isn't it :)