Friday, 2 May 2014

Plum Little Yums Review

Would I like to try a healthy snack suitable for young children with no junk in, that can be nice for teething babies?

Err yes please! Admittedly this is not exactly how those folks at Plum Actually asked but it was near enough. I really struggle with snack ideas for Termite, she's baby led so eats mostly just what we eat but I struggle sometimes for ideas of low salt, healthy snack ideas suitable for her age and also easily able to be eaten independently. I swear she hates any help at all!

What They Say

Little Yums are light, delicious wafers made with the nutritious ancient grain buckwheat, plus fruit and veggies. They're the perfect first snack for little teethers: the wafer dissolves easily in your baby's mouth and is easy to hold, which encourages self-feeding. The unique fruit and vegetable combinations we've created are designed to delight tiny taste buds with the natural flavours of our delicious and nutritious ingredients. Allergy advice: Contains MILK. May contain traces of: gluten (wheat) and soy.
  • Certified organic, no genetically modified ingredients
  • No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives
  • No added sugar or salt
  • No mess or worry; dissolves in baby's mouth
  • Made with 100% BPA-free packaging

What We Say

We received both available flavours,  Spinach, Apple and Kale and also Pumpkin and Banana. I will admit the combinations are not something I would choose for a meal so I was a little reserved in my judgement. 

Termite however was not! She loved them and with the arrival of three, yes THREE, new teeth she was very happy gnawing on them . In the interests of research I tried a bit of each, as did the big kids.The big kids really enjoyed them and to be honest as the are free from nasties and made with lovely organic ingredients I didnt mind them eating some, I found them very flavourful which is not something you can usually say about the baby snacks we've experience. They are similar in texture to a crispbread but have much more flavour. Suitable from 6 months these handy snacks come in 6 packets per box with 3 little yums in each pack. They are really handy for grabbing on the go and are an ace snack even for bigger kids!

 A Big Winner With Termite

It seems my Termite is in good company too, according to a recent news article our very own Prince George is a Plum fan. That'll give the two of them something to talk about when Termite finds herself at St Andrews with him!

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