Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Green Earth Friying Pan By Ozeri Review

I've loved the look of these pans ever since I read a review over on Outnumbered Mum so I was very excited to be asked to test one.

The pan has a really heavy feel to it, which made me think immediately it will be great for making my Roti bread. It's a really cool colour and totally matches my current colour scheme! 

I decided to try making an omelette in it mostly because I'm really rubbish at making decent looking omelettes. They always stick and end up in several bits, normally the pan gets the blame!

I set to making my current favourite of Red Pepper and Feta. First I fried off some onion and pepper in few squirts of Fry Light Olive Oil. Then while they were softening I whisked up 6 eggs and crumbled in some feta. When the onions and peppers were soft I poured over the eggy mix, stirring it in the pan for a few minutes then left it to cook flipped it halfway and they sliced it to serve three of us for lunch.

 Well I'm pleased to say the omelette made it in one piece and the pan is still non stick, it wiped clean effortlessly with a soft cloth looked as good as new and was ready to go again in no time!

The price is comparable with many big brands on the market and at £23.99 I think it's worth the money, I would really like to collect a set of these now especially this Wok 

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  1. I love the Green Earth range - we have a frying pan and wok and they are just such good quality! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested