Thursday, 10 April 2014

Travel Journal, Easter in Crete - Part 3

It's Day 5 we are unpacked and settled, our tummy's  are full of good food and we are relaxed. we've noticed some real changes around since last year.  

The outside areas have been refreshed with lovely lime wash paint, and previous areas of concern over slipping have been re tiled with non slip tiles, there are new brightly coloured food trays in the kids buffet area (just like school so the wee ones do well carrying them) and some new dishes on the menus in the al a carte restaurants. Best of all HOTEL WIDE WIFI! This has been something we've puzzled over on previous visits it seems odd to us that  a modern 5 star hotel would not have wifi everywhere, but this is now sorted. I've also been informed by the Public Relations Manager that many of the rooms have been refurbished and even some of the pools in the Private Pool rooms have been made larger, although, still unable to upgrade, we can't comment on that. 

We do however have some frustrations...

I'm a bit of a perfectionist and think that at the beginning of the season all rooms should be perfect, the hotel has been closed for maintenance over the winter and I don't quite understand how we could be in a room that has a missing terrace clothes airer, curtains not hung properly and hanging off the window, and windows with curtains missing. This makes for very early get ups when the sun streams through the very pretty voiles!  There are chips in one of the bathroom mirrors and the patio furniture has no cushions, not good for a bigger girl ( no one needs a lattice patternon their  thighs right?) 

Another gripe and really this is silly, there is a speaker in the bathroom which outputs the sound from the tv in the bedroom, really really loudly. There is no way to switch this off or turn it down without reception sending a technician!!! 

These however are very first world problems are they not? I mean we are relaxing in the sun with people working hard to clean, feed and entertain us but this is not a cheap holiday and there are some things I don't expect to have to ask for and curtains are certainly one of them! 

Overall though our room is clean and luxurious our bed is large comfortable and freshly made every day, we have fluffy robes and decent toiletries I have TWO bathrooms and a jacuzzi bath and an army of staff on call to assist us with almost anything we need.

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