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Travel Journal Easter in Crete -the Food

The food here is plentiful and very lovely, I fear some of my recent weightloss has been ruined by the scrumptious-ness! So a post all on its own here's the food low down

Breakfast is served until 10.30, a vast array of choice, continental salads,cooked meat and fruits, cereals, pastries, crepes, eggs of many varieties, full cooked breakfast, and freshly made juice and smoothies, along with breads and yoghurts. 

We love breakfast here and enjoy spending time relaxing and chatting over a nice cuppa and a leisurely breakfast.


Served from 12.30-3.30pm You've two choices on a lunchtime, Tex Mex (open most days) for Burger, enchiladas, chilli, nachos, salads and a small desert selection. The Tex Mex has a limited menu but the food is freshly cooked and served to you so it's a nice place for a more relaxed lunch. Next is the main restaurant with a selection of hot dishes, pizza, grilled meats, traditional Greek gyros, pasta  and a huge salad selection there's also a big desert selection as well as nuts and cheese. 

My ultimate favourite from lunch is the eggplant salad served grilled chicken with Greek salad and pita absolutely gorgeous!


Served between 6.30-9.30pm in most restaurants The dinner restaurants  included in the hotel package are :


Serving themed buffet, salads, grilled meat or fish, breads, soups and deserts.


With a reasonable selection of Thai Starters, a choice of about 10 main courses including beef,pork, chicken, fish and veggie dishes and then a choice of around 5 deserts

Red Saffron

This is based on a traditional Greek taverna so you are given a mixed Meze starter including bread, salad, dips, hot dishes and baked cheese, then a Greek buffet with lots of grilled meat and some traditional moussaka, stifado and vegetable dishes followed by a desert meze. It's very lovely but I would have like to see a bit more salad, and Greek dips available with the main course as the meat really needed something to accompany it. 

Tex Mex

A larger selection available on an evening including hot starters, soups and salads alongside main courses like rack of ribs, steak and swordfish as well as some traditional Mexican dishes, there's a limited selection of deserts as well. This is a waited restaurant not buffet so it's a nice break from the constant back and forth with the kids. Its very tasty and the meat dishes especially are lovely quality and taste yummy, staff are very friendly and happy to accommodate specific requests. 

There are also, Al Dente, Hot Stone Grill and  Sugiyama Japanese  al a carte restaurants available at an extra cost to your package. You do however get a 15€ discount pp against the menu price

All the food we've had has been lovely and the service in most cases absolutely brilliant, some improvements we woul like to see would be 

A snack bar so that you could just grab a sandwich at lunch instead of having a proper sit down meal.

Tea and coffee in pots on the table at breakfast, this happens in Tenerife Sensatori and really adds a luxury edge to breakfast.

The childrens menu is limited to nuggets and burgers etc in most restaurants so it would be nice to be told that you can order a child's meal from the adult menu, as some people who've not been before don't like to ask. Its never been any trouble when we've requested it so it would be useful if this was on the childrens menu or explained at the beginning of a meal.

The reservation system is a faff on, basically you queue at a booking station, which operates from 10am to 10pm there's often no availability and people miss out. I'm not sure what the solution is  but I think Thomson need to look at the system. 

Tea and Coffee after Dinner, it seems such a little thing but as drinks at meal times are included it would be nice to be able to finish a nice meal with a tea or coffee, even if it's from a machine and I need to get it myself, I like that part of Dinner. 

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