Friday, 25 April 2014

Tiffany Rose Review

A few of my friends are big Tiffany Rose fans, Both Ak at My Buggy Junction and Colette at We're Going On An Adventure have both looked fabulous in their TR gowns so when I was presented with an opportunity to try one out I jumped at the chance to join the likes of Holly Willoughby or Katie Piper and become a Tiffany Rose girl! 

What They Say .... 

Truly beautiful, glamorous and high quality maternity styles - at your fingertips.

Tiffany Rose began in 2003 with a simple aim: to offer pregnant women the chance to wear exciting, elegant, beautiful and well-made designs for special occasions.
Our designs are inspired by icons of the 50s and 60s, timeless classics that will never go out of style, with a touch of vintage or a modern twist. Evoking the sense of special and occasion, we bring to you unusual shades, tonal hues, sumptuous textures and unique prints - all in classic, flattering and wearable styles - and all Made in Britain.

Every single garment in our collection is designed and Made in Britain.
The Tiffany Rose design team work closely with reputable and quality British manufacturers, and we source our highest quality fabrics from all over the world. With a passion for making in Britain, we also develop many of our fabrics in local British mills. This year sees the launch of our bespoke Tiffany Rose digitally printed silk fabric, also designed and printed in Britain.

In April 2013 we were thrilled to be named as a winner of The Queen's Award - the UK's highest accolade of business success - as a result of our continued growth in international markets. We are very excited that so many of our customers across the globe are choosing Tiffany Rose, and we look forward to bringing you many more of our beautiful designs.
We are dedicated to offering a personal and genuinely helpful service to our customers. Our customer service team has in-depth knowledge of every design, fabric performance and cut, which means they can advise you on any queries you may have, with the understanding, care and attention that you should expect.

What We Say...

The company really are as helpful as they claim to be, they helped me choose when I was dithering over 4 different dresses, by asking some questions as to what I would be doing where I would be etc, and when I didn't like my first choice changing was no problem. They stock utterly beautiful maternity and Nursing wear. In gorgeous classic flattering designs. I couldn't fault their customer service at all and I was spoiled for choice.

So What did we choose? Well as you know my Termite is 8 months and still breastfeeding so my clothing choices are steered by two questions 
  • is it flattering to my somewhat misshapen body? (sadly 3 babies has taken its toll on my mid section) 
  • is it boob accessible?

First I chose the Eden in Caspian Blue 

The dress was utterly gorgeous but did not flatter my shape at all so the lovely team at Tiffany Rose said they would exchange it for a Hawaiian Breeze Maxi Dress. 

This seemed the perfect choice for my holiday to Crete. A maxi dress in a Beautiful summery pattern with a cross over front for easy feeding. Now officially this is not a nursing dress but I knew it would work for me.

It arrived promptly and beautifully packaged in their signature purple box wrapped up inside in tissue. The first thing that struck me was the weight. The dress feels beautifully and luxuriously heavy, the kind of heavy that makes you just know it's quality. It's made from a beautiful jersey material and lined so the dress just hangs as it should flattering curves and hiding imperfections.

It was packed swiftly in my suitcase and I couldn't wait to wear it. I saved it for an evening when the two big kids were in kids club and Sparatcus and I were hitting the Thai for a Date(with Termite in tow but a date never the less) and I'm pleased I waited for a 'special occassion'. The dress made me feel like a million dollars and I positively swished around the hotel and as if I wasn't feeling great already, Spartacus commented that I looked nice (he never ever comments on clothes) and a lady who I had never met stopped me to tell me my 'frock was gorgeous'! Tiffany Rose I LOVE YOU. This dress is absolutely worth every penny of its £99 price tag. If you are currently pregnant you are going to get loads of wear out of a TR dress as it will last all of your pregnancy and way after as well, I fully plan to wear this many many times over. 

The Good Stuff

  • The pattern is gorgeous
  • The colours are bright and cheerful and perfect for Spring and Summer
  • The fit is divine
  • The material is brilliant quality and reassuringly heavy but not so that I overheated in the warmth of Crete
  • The craftmanship is brilliant, no stray threads and a good well stiched seam and hem
  • The Sash is a pretty coral but you can order different colours

Room For Improvement

I can come up with only one suggestion to improve this dress and that is the length,  this dress was very long on me, but I am only 5ft 6 (this is possibly and exageration by around 1 inch, but ssshh I made a mistake once and can't admit Im not really 5ft 6) so for a taller girl this would have been the perfect length. That really is the only thing I would have changed about this dress, and that is really personal to me so overall I'm super impressed and I will be popping another Tiffany rose on my wish list, in fact I have my eye on this beauty...

Twilight Lace Maternity Dress (Blackberry)

 I'm hoping Spartacus hands over his credit card freely!

You can connect with Tiffany Rose on Twitter or Facebook


  1. Oooh your dress is gorgeous! At 5ft 9 myself I love that TR maxi dresses are just that - proper long maxis! :)

    1. Thanks I love it, and tbh swishing around holding up my hem just made me feel like a wee princess!

  2. Oh you look beautiful in that dress! Really flattering I'm totally jealous of how gorgeous it is!

  3. I LOVE the dress, it's totally beautiful. I love the look of the Eden dress too!

  4. You look beautiful - love TR dresses too

  5. you look stunning hun, gorgeous dress x

  6. Lucky lady I loved Tiffany Rose when I was pregnant. It looks lovely x

  7. I like Tiffany Rose dresses, the flowery one looks very nice on you just like in a advert photo)