Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Perfect Travel Bag

We like to travel A LOT and we are currently wading through our holiday scrap books to write reviews for all of the places we have been. One thing I struggle with is hand luggage, we have 3 children of 5 and under and getting down airplane aisles that are increasingly more narrow, with a baby and bags is a somewhat stressful and hot flush inducing.experience. So for our most recent holiday my needs for a bag  were clear. I need a bag that is
  • Spacious but still within the baggage allowance guidelines
  • Lots of Compartments so I can find things easily
  • Stylish
  • Reasonably priced, Spartacus embargoed anything over £70  (he's such a meany)
  • Possibly a backpack or Messenger so that I can still babywear which I find altogether the easiest way to get Termite Peanut and The Golden Child on an aircraft.
So we narrowed it down from the huge amount available, to the following three

Skip Hop Dash ((you can see my review here )


PacaPod Hastings (you can read my review here)


Pink Lining Wanderlust Wise Owl Rucksack


I love all of these bags and to be honest every one of them would be perfect for air travel, but here are our thoughts

The Skip Hop fits an amazing amount in and has loads and loads of pockets, we have travelled with it before and it fits lovely under the seat, has a space for a drinks bottle (once through security obviously) and has a great double strap system so it can be clipped onto the handle bar of the pram, or quickly slung across body like a messenger. Priced between £45-£55 its within my budget and comes with a lifetime materials warranty and Skip Hops brilliant customer care. It does however come slightly short of space for my needs now with three children. I really need lots of space to fit in changes of clothes and entertainment and the many other things I now need to board a plane with!

The Pink Linings Bag is so beautiful and I love the very separate areas, a changing area that opens out fully for easy access, with wet bags, and dedicated pockets for all the bits and pieces you might need.

It has a mummy section big enough for a my net book, and change of clothes along with loads of pockets and hooks so nothing gets lost. Unfortunately at £89 it just busted my budget, so I cant tell you exactly how it functions but it scores highly with us for desirability and features. I will tell you though I am now saving furiously for this bag it has become a huge focus on my wish list. Pink Lining offer amazing customer care and the quality of their bags is amazing, and so covetable.

Last but by no means least The PacaPod, as you will see from my review this bag is brilliant, honestly I didn't want to love it so much because its really not the girly girl kind of bag I would normally go for. But it is amazing, and it fitted in everything on my pack list with room to spare, plus with Termites blanket rolled up and tucked in the top the kids said we looked like we were off on a real adventure! It fit perfectly under the seat and almost everything was easy to find. Priced at £65 it was So with my choice made here it is in action....

What we packed

Well, lots really !  Ipad with headphones and adaptor, change of clothes for me The Golden Child , Peanut and termite, passports, money, tickets, insurance documents, olbas oil, calpol, nappies, wipes, feeding cover, snacks, sweeties for takeoff and landing, a drinks bottle, blanket and a book (as if I would ever get 5 minutes to read!)

How it looked

How we used it

How it stood the test of a Monkeyfeet Adventure

Really well, its survived being used for travel, as a beach and pool bag its been used and abused in all honesty but it still looks brand new.

Massive thumbs up for PacaPod and a huge Thankyou for sending us this bag to put through its paces, its become a staple in the Monkeyfeet Household

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  1. that looks like a fab travel bag and great for BW!! great review!