Thursday, 1 May 2014

Tales of The Termite 8 Months

Hello, I hope you've all had a good month. This month has rocked for me, I've been on holiday and met loads of people. Strangely though every single Greek woman I saw has squeezed my thighs and made funny scrunched up faces (a bit like they might want to eat me!) it's very strange, Mummy says it because I'm a tubster, but I've no idea what that means. I've also celebrated Easter by wearing a silly hat and helping Mummy find some eggs.

Best of all though I've figured out how to make my legs do something and now I can haul myself upright and stand! 

I know I know I'm a genius and brilliantly talented. Well I must be because everyone went crazy clapping and cheering when they saw me

I can also say 'dada' this seems to please everyone but especially the Daddy one who goes all smiley and soft looking when I say it to him.

I thought mummy deserved a little treat as well so I now hit her hand when she says 'high 5' it seems to really please her! 

Lastly I'm gaining another 2 teeth. On the top this time and they've not hurt that much at all. 

This month mummy has loved ....
Pacapod Hastings- Check our review here
Purflo SleepSac- this is my favourite sleeping bag, it makes me feel all warm and snug like a massive big hug.
Nivea Sunscreen- we used a lot of this in Crete, Mummy says it's the only one she trusts to go on quick and be safe for my skin.
Sili Squeeze - we are testing this for the lovely peeps at Sili so you'll be able to read our thoughts about it  soon. Bu I have been having lots of smoothies and yoghurts without mumm's help so I love it!

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