Monday, 28 April 2014

PacaPod Hastings Review

I've been searching for the perfect changing bag for our travels this year and I put out a Twitter call for suggestions. PacaPod were mentioned in more than one reply and soon I was chatting with them about what we as a family needed. They are a lovely helpful and friendly company and in conversation they even added something to my list of requirements that I hadn't thought of  'something that dad will carry as well'. Admittedly I hadn't thought of this as normally I'm quite proprietorial about my bags but they made a good point, something unisex would be handy to share the load around the airport.

After a bit of discussion it was decided I would review the Hastings. It arrived in 2 days and I was very excited to receive the package In its logo stamped packaging  I knew immediately what it was but as I was rushing out I waited to savour the opening!

What They Say...

The Company
PacaPod is the only baby changing bag on the market with our unique and clever 3in1 organisation system (designed by a Mum), it works as a designer baby bag, cool bag, mini changing bag and changing mat all rolled into one. 
With so many well thought out features PacaPod has become one of the best multi award winning baby changing bags on the market, perfect for twins and making travelling easier. Now all you need to do is release your Yummy Mummy and decide which PacaPod baby changing bag is for you? 
The Bag
Hastings is a grown up knapsack that manages to retain the enduring charm of this much-loved old school style.
A reliable and sturdy travel companion whether heading into the wilds or the urban jungle it will instantly adapt from messenger to backpack and has a practical, easy to pack, top loading style. Hastings is part of the new ‘Lite’ range, weighing in at just 725 grams and the new to flat pack feeder, changer pods and mat are simple to clean and fold away when not in use. Quality detailing, durable fabrics and a smart pin stripe print will have mum and dad both reaching for this bag at the doorway!

What We Say....

We love it! I've never ever gone for a back pack style before so I was slightly nervous, but it's great. Loads of room, and the pods are just big enough for 3 Tots Bots and our wipes, or 8 pampers nappies and wipes so we have plenty room for big days out or just a quick outing  It's got loads of brilliant features like the buggy clips to hang it from the pram, the clever straps that can be converted from back pack style to  across body/over the shoulder without having the faff on off changing straps or clipping and unclipping things. The quality is lovely and it feels like it will last. I've had lots of comments from Mums who no longer is a dedicated change bag, and the all say they would use this as a normal bag. 


I found it really easy to use, and the zip opens right across the top and halfway down each side so its really easy access. Its also squashable. So it goes quite flat and the pods all flatten out so you can store it easily, although I love it so much my other bags have been left redundant so its not been stored at all!

The Good Stuff
  • The pods make finding things really easy
  • It's really spacious
  • The front pocket has a phone pouch and a key hook
  • The straps are really very clever and change the style of the bag quickly and with minimal fuss
  • Its sturdy and hard wearing
  • It looks good 
  • Customer service was great
  • The price is really reasonable
  • It kept me calm when boarding the plane and getting through the airport (honestly fussing with bags stresses me out when I'm travelling!) 
  • I loe that PacaPod encourage reusing and recycling their products and they raise funds through doing this themselves for charities. You can read more here
Room For Improvement
I'd love an inner pocket so I could slide my baby record book/ipad in and keep them separate  from everything else

I worried that the front pocket was a bit to easily accessible for pickpockets if the bag was used as a rucksack so I would prefer a secure zipper fastening 

That's it! I can't fault it at all and believe me in the month I've used it we have seriously put it through its paces! It has been full to capacity and hauled around airports, its been drooled on, chewed and worse! But its wiped down great and looks no worse for the adventure it has been on.I can't wait for our next holiday to really use it to its fullest potential again. If you are in the market for a new bag you should really consider this one, especially if you are planning to travel with it.

I unfortunately have become a PacaPod addict and now need to get my hands on ...

This lovely Toy Pod for Termite

This Travel Pod for our next holiday


And I would be overjoyed  if this Firenze found its way into my collection! (I'm not sure Spartacus will ever agree though)

You can connect with PacaPod on Twitter and Facebook or check out their website


  1. I do like the look of this bag, I'm in need of a new change bad but can't seem to find one for me :(

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