Thursday, 6 March 2014

Thankful Thursday Week 10

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This Week I am thankful for education! 

We've just come from Peanut's parent review evening, where we have been shown examples of her writing and number work, pictures of her learning journey and we've been informed that she will be in the 'exceeding' bracket when she comes to move into year 1. 
As parents we put a lot of effort into education in everything we do. We count , find letters, colours and patterns in everyday life, at the supermarket, in the park, quite simply wherever we are.

But I have no doubt that the school she attends plays a huge part in developing her in all areas. Having just recently seen research on how the buildings we work/live/play in  can improve education/health/productivity. I can say hand on heart I am grateful that I live in a country where my children can go to a large modern school filled with facilities and equipment to bring out the best in them. Added to that the enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate teachers, I know they are being given a brilliant start

I have seen first hand in countries around the world schools which amount to nothing more than a ramshackle hut for which parents pay huge amounts to send their children. So whilst our government may not be perfect and our education system over stretched and under criticism by many, I feel blessed for what we have and what it has given our children.
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  1. Thanks for reminding me!

    My country is poor and our school is in bad state. True that what your govt offer one of the best there is.

    Your post is nice. I am thankful of the education system here are well.


    Have a nice Thursday!

  2. what a lovely thankful thursday post and so true!! thank you for hosting! xx

  3. Great post. It's easy to take what we have available for granted x