Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Termites tales - 7 Months

Check me out, I'm 7 months I have two WHOLE teeth, and I can eat....A Lot!

This month I have been learning to roll with purpose and direction and I've mastered moving backwards! Mummy says I look like a demented caterpillar. Honestly sometimes shes just mean. I have found that the world can be quite frustrating just recently. I think this is because i have these ideas on what I want to do and where I want to go, but my body doesnt seem to work properly, I can't make it do the things that Peanut and The Golden Child seem to do, they make that talking noise and Mummy understands them, they can also move themselves about better than me.

Peanut makes me laugh a lot, Mummmy doesnt quite understand but I giggle everytime I see her she makes me so happy, and The Golden Child, well he will spend hours entertaining me just this week he hid in a box and pretended to be the dog from Room on The Broom over and over again whilst telling me the story, oh I laughed and laughed, then he jumped out too fast and he scared me so I cried, its ok though Mummy picked me up and The Golden Child gave me a lovely cuddle.

So Mummy has been letting me try lots and lots of new things  I've had Greek Salad, Chicken Fajita, Melon, spagetti Bolognese, Rice Salad and mummy's Coleslaw and it was all yummy.

It'll be my christening soon and I'm too wear a lovely old vintage gown that my great great great nana was Christened in!

Mummy says the things she has loved the most this month is our Baby hawk Mei Tei. It's on loan to us from Ak at and mummy loves it so much she's trying to save up to buy a new one. She has mastered the art of back carrying so she pops me on her back while she makes dinner and clears up or helps Peanut with homework and to be honest I'm normally so comfortable I fall asleep for a wee catnap giving me just enough energy to get through dinner then bath time and then I'm normally ready to go to bed!

Mummy has started to think I might have something called silent reflux and that's why I have been so uncomfortable on a night, she told Daddy that she can't believe they spent so long with the golden child having reflux and it never dawned on her that this could be my problem, so she is taking me to the doctors soon for a check up.

See you next month


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