Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Tales of The Termite - 6 month Update

Mummy is really busy most days and she was late telling you all about my month so I'm taking matters into my own hands!

Woop Woop I'm a half! Mummy says its all going to quickly and sometimes she gives me a great big squeeze and sniffs my head whiles telling Daddy she is trying to hold on to my baby-hood?! Shes a bit of an old sop, but she gives me milk whenever I want and always has a lovely cuddle when I'm upset.

I've grown one and a half teeth and they hurt a bit, but now I can really gnaw on all the lovely food Ive been trying, Mummy claims she's letting me lead the way in weaning, so I get to feed myself,and she doesn't seem to mind that lots of it ends up on the floor, up my nose or all over my body!  We've started to wean (a couple weeks earlier than the advice I know) and I have enjoyed handfuls of bubble and squeak, fruit, veg, and even dairylea sarnies!


I can roll A LOT now and the Mummy one keeps chasing me back onto my mat, I think its because I keep bumping my head on our hard floor and then crying! I can lift my bottom clear off the ground and this makes me giggle lots, it really is endlessly funny. To daddy's delight I have almost mastered waving so we have large stretches of time where Daddy, Peanut and The Golden child take turns to say 'woo ooh' and in return I flap my hand like a demented bird it really keeps them entertained.

I also do a little dance which mummy has been trying to get on her phone thingy but everytime I see the phone I just stop dancing, she doesn't think this is very good, but I'm not ready for stardom yet!

I have loved lots of things this month mostly focused around food and teeth

Sophie la Giraffe
This lovely teething toy keeps me occupied, squeaks to entertain me, and is great to chew o, it really gets to all the bits in my mouth that I need it too, and she is really cute!

Oxo Tots
Read mummy's review here, our OXO tot equipment is well used for outings and we LOVE them plus ITS NOT PINK woo hoo

Cosatto 3sixti

I love our highchair, it looks good, mummy says cleans easily (which is great considering how much mess I make) , and can be used as a low chair or a high chair with the push of a button on the base, it has recline and 3 tray settings and I love sitting right up at the table with the others.
Amber Anklets Check out our review here

Nelsons Teethas These little sachets are very annoying to me when mummy tries to use them but they make me go from crying to silent in seconds I'm not sure how they work but they feel so nice on my poor little gums, especially good since mummy lost my anklet and we've had to wait for a new one.

Ok I think that covers everything, see you all next month, oh and Mummy really loves hearing from you all so leave a comment for her (she doesn't get out much you know)


  1. aww termite is just adorable i think i want to eat her!!! and your update reminds me i better get a new sophie the giraffe for my little girl in case she is a early teether like Finn was with 9 weeks! that toys was our lifesaver!

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