Monday, 17 March 2014

Read With Me, Book Review - The Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit

Growing up we didn't read any Beatrix Potter books. To be honest my parents weren't big on reading with us so it wasn't until I started reading independently that I really found my love of books. 

So when my daughter got this beautiful set...

I was very much looking forward to reading with her, the first book we chose was The Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit. 

I'm afraid to say this book hasn't enamoured me to Ms Potter in the least! Basically its a description of a mean rabbit, who it would appear gets his just desserts! SPOILER ALERT!!!!! Basically the lesson is if you are not kind the farmer will shoot you! 

I'm not a fan and it has pretty much put me off even looking at The Tale of Two Bad Mice, silly I know but I like a childrens book with a happy ending! 

My advice, start with a happy sounding title. I'm hoping The Flopsie Bunnies will be a little more cheery...


  1. aaawww We have the beatrix potter set at home, although I admit I have never actually read them all, oopsie. My favourite is jemima puddle duck. thanks for linking this up with #ReadWithMe have tweeted and pinned this post. x

  2. We have this set for the girls it's really lovely :) #Readwithme x

  3. What a shame you aren't enjoying them I absolutely adore the Beatrix Potter stories. It's nice to disagree sometimes though, isn't it?! We all have our favourites! #ReadWithMe

  4. Sounds like a nice set of books to have. #RWM x