Friday, 7 March 2014

Musings of the Monkeyfooted Mini's

Kids say the craziest things, everyone knows that. But sometimes my kids make me laugh until I cry, sometimes they make me think, and sometimes they make me sad. Some of these posts may well only be meaningful to the residents of Monkeyfeet HQ but I'm going to share them so we can look back in years to come and remember.

Today's lesson; Animals

Peanut  was playing with Termites new night light, a turtle that projects the constellations and plays music ( a review will follow but it's not on my recommended buys list!)

 'Mamma if a turtle didn't have a shell it would just be a lizard, a really fat lizard' 

So now you know!

Please feel free to leave me a comment telling me crazy things your kids say, I'd love to hear them. 

1 comment:

  1. Hehe. They are so funny aren't they.
    We have this turtle for Emmy only ours doesn't play music. We really like it.

    Emmy has so many funny moment's. Have you linked your post up with Actually Mummy's #WotSoFunee link yet?