Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Kor-Geomag Review

My kids love to create and they love to build so Geomag seemed a perfect bridge between the two. This is what Geomag say ... 

A completely new magnetic construction system, the KOR GEOMAG range allows children to construct endless combinations and enjoy different play experiences from one toy: construct, transform, disassemble and re-assemble.

KOR is a patented system of 26 magnetic building blocks that connect onto a hollow metal sphere tocreate the toy’s core. By adding covers the toy takes the shape of a rugby ball, which can then be twisted, turned and flipped to generate endless shapes.  Children are able to then transform the KOR into any fantasy character they imagine by adding their chosenaccessories that come with each set.

Aimed at children aged 5+, KOR GEOMAG launches with seven products across two lines: the cute ‘Tazoo’ and the tougher action-oriented ‘Proteon’. The narrative behind KOR begins with a geomagnetic storm caused by the migration of KOR asteroids into the universe.
Two of these asteroids, which comprise the Tazoo line, land in the idyllic natural world. The sea-dwelling ‘Beto’ allows children to use eyes and fins to build a cute fish, whale, squid or even a shrimp. While ‘Paco’ who is found in the forest, has big red eyes and a long tail, and with a few twists can become anything from a frog, lizard, beetle to an owl.

The tougher ‘Proteon’ line enables children to create heroes and primordial beasts to pit against one another in epic battles after these KOR asteroids land in hostile environments where they have to fight for evolution. Each of the five Proteon building sets are reflective of different tough natural environments such as rocky, swampy and volcanic, with each character differentiated by their covers, unique masks and weapons. The Proteon KORs are available in three different forms of construction and character evolution - from the simple ‘AKI’, via “TAUREX” to the further evolved ‘BLATTA’, ‘VULKRAM’ and ‘SWOMP’.

All KOR GEOMAG building sets across both theTazoo and Proteon lines are compatible, allowing imaginative kids even more creative freedom andgiving parents the best return on investment for purchases.

The set arrived and was opened with much excitement lots of nice chunky pieces and pictorial  instructions which were easy to follow. The instructions show how to make a character but then show variations as well. We got 'paco' from the Tazoo line, he is a forest dwelling creature who can become a frog, a lizard, a beetle or an owl. 

We decided to go for the creature shown on the front of the box and quickly got the swing of things, all the pieces fit around a central metal ball and then you build up with differing shapes, a gentle hand is needed as we learned when we pressed too hard and the whole lot broke apart! After a little bad temper we started again and soon got into the swing of things.

We Love...
  •  The colours are bright and cheerful
  • Really fuels imaginative play
  •  Lots of variety in what you can create even with just one set, but as the sets are compatible the possibilities are endless.
  •  I love that theres a story behind the toys, It really fed the Golden Child's imagination
  •  Nice chunky pieces for little hands 
Room for Improvement
  • It would be nice to see more variey in the Tazoo line as there are only two types to collect, but there are plenty of options in the Proteon range 
  • With an RRP of £25 per set these are at the higher end of the toy scale for Monkeyfeet towers, but they are a great birthday or Christmas Gift and they are  in my opinion just as entertaining and engaging as Lego or Playmobil (with bigger part, thankfully) and I think price wise you could pay much more for a large lego set. 
KOR GEOMAG are available now at Harrods,Fenwicks department stores, independent toy stores across the country and online e-tailers such as Amazon,with prices per building set starting from a recommended retail price of £25.

 You can find out more here and follow Geomag on Facebook


  1. Jacob loves Geomag, and there is so much you can do with it! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. I've seen a few reviews of this now, it looks like a great construction toy. One I will definitely consider when my son gets a little bigger.

  3. I've not heard of this before - reckon Ben would really enjoy it though.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. My boy loves magnets so I'm sure he'll love this