Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine Shmalentine!

I realise I'm going against the grain here but I felt a rant coming on and needed to share ...

I love my husband, the kind of love that means I would follow him anywhere, will support him in his endeavours and cheer him on. He may not be a hearts and flowers kind of fella but he loves me he is my rock, my comedian, my hero, builder, engineer, taxi driver and  counsellor, he is my hero. 

I do not need him to buy me overpriced shite (pardon me) one day in the year  to validate our affections. No I'm not being full of bravado because we don't 'do' valentines day. This is the truth I would rather spend money on some bulbs for the garden than have him spend four times the normal rate for a bunch of flowers that'll be dead by Wednesday!

People,  show  those you love how much you love them everyday.  Don't  wait for one commercialised excuse to fleece the nation of thier hard earned cash.

There I'm done, Happy Friday People 

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  1. HAHA my thoughts exactly - I used to love valentine's as a teen/young adult but I've been with hubby for 13 years now and we still have plenty of time for romance - just not on Valentine's day! LOL #NEBrilliantBloggers