Thursday, 6 February 2014

Thankful Thursday Week 6

Welcome back to my weekly Linky. I hope you can link up and share what you are thankful for this week, a story, a sentence or just a picture, its always good to find our silver linings.

This week Termite has been especially bad at sleeping and in the middle of the night (the very loneliest time of night ) when there is just me and her and the sound of everyone sleeping I find my iPhone is my solace! It keeps me alert so there's no risk of dozing of f with her in my arms, I get time to draft blog posts (albeit very badly spelled ones! Tiredness and a touch of dyslexia are not good friends!) I can do the banking, the shopping, play games or just peruse good old Facebook.

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So today I'm giving thanks for my trusty iPhone it is, in my opinion,  a sleep deprived mum's best friend! 

Adventures of A Monkeyfooted Mummy


  1. oh i bet this will be my post in a month time once blob is born!!! x

  2. I found those times in the middle of the night so hard