Sunday, 9 February 2014

Project 365 33-38

Good gosh, heading towards the middle of February and with the promise of spring in the air, I'm pleased to say family Monkeyfeet seem to be getting back on track, so here's our week in pictures... 

33- Family  outing to a living museum, Daddy playing on the steam digger!

34 Baking Day, lovely iced biscuits which didn't last long enough to photograph. 

35 My Little mouse

36 Big melon smiles, a trick taught by the aunties. 
37 A new look for the living room, gone is the red.
38 Park fun with friends
39 Bee hideouts made at our local library

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See you again next week 



  1. Love those melon smiles and daddy looks like he may have had the most fun

  2. Love the Melon smiles! Sounds like a fun week!

  3. Love the melon smiles too, and the bee hideouts! Have you seen any bees yet?

  4. that is a rather large digger, i'm glad it didnt move x

  5. dont you just love the things Aunts and Uncles teach them, but yes it made me smile. Makes a difference if the day out appeals to all the family, Im glad daddy had fun. Your little Mouse is very cute