Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Oxo Tots Review and Competition

I'm sure you all guessed how much of a fan I am of Oxo tots from my last review. So I was excited to be given the chance to review more of thier products just in time to start Termite's journey to food.

I've been browsing the website a lot and  lusting after lots of thier things, this high chair in particular is on my wish list. Although I'm not sure I can convince Spartacus that we need ANOTHER high chair. But back to weaning, we chose  The Sippy Cup Set (RRP £10.21) and, because we are following baby led weaning and not in much need of plates or spoons, we picked The snack disk (RRP £5.11) this is recommended for older children but seemed to fit our needs well.

 What do Oxo say about these products..,

The OXO Tot Sippy Cup Set grows with your child from age 6 months and up. The 200ml Sippy Cup with Handles is an ideal first Cup for babies transitioning from bottles. Its leak-proof valve prevents spills and releases pressure for comfortable sipping. Soft, non-slip Handles are angled so babies don’t have to turn their wrists too far, and the Handles are removable for when baby’s grasp develops. When baby is ready to transition from sippy to regular cup, remove the Sippy Cup lid and replace it with the OXO Tot Training Cup lid. The Training Cup lid has a transparent insert with perforations around the perimeter to control the flow of liquid when the child tilts the Cup to drink. A tipped Training Cup will also spill more gradually to minimise messes during the learning process. When ready, remove the perforated insert and the Training Cup converts to a regular Cup. All OXO Tot Sippy, Straw and Training Cup lids are interchangeable. 

Featuring a curved shape, low profile, and non-slip base, the 180 ml Snack Disk keeps snacks contained while your toddler learns to self-feed. Designed for children 12 months and older, the Snack Disk is moulded to fit comfortably in tiny hands or on small laps. A generous opening allows for easy access to the goodies inside, and a see-through lid snaps on securely for storing leftovers or taking treats on the go. Perfect for holding fruit, vegetables and dried snacks. Top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Complies with BS EN 14372 safety standard.

What we say...

Termite loves the cup and got on really well with it straight away, she can easily tip it to the right angle to drink, or more truthfully just pour water at her face, and with the removable no spill seal we can make it free flow to make things easy while she is learning to transition to a cup.

I love that this cup is going to last us a long time, we can change it so it adapts to her different stages.

The snack pot is a really good size but also easy for her to pick up (albeit to use as a missile but we are still learning!) and the lid gives a lovely satisfying click as it seals so I know we won't have any lunch bag leakage.

I love the colour and the design is so nice its a very attractive looking set. Is it sad that I find children's eating accessories attractive?

Good Stuff

  • Lovely Design
  • Great Colour Very user friendly
  • Leak proof
  • Sturdy

Room For Improvement

  • The colour range is limited, It would be nice to see reds yellows or even purples in the range, but this really boils down to a personal hatred of pink and blue choices in things. To be fair the pink and blue in this range are vibrant and not putrid pastels! 

  • Price, these items are more expensive than others on the market but I really feel like this is a case of getting good value for money, these will last I don't think we will need to buy another sippy cup (although Ive probably cursed myself to losing it now!)

 You can connect with OXO on Facebook or Twitter and those fabby folks over at Oxo have offered one of these sippy cups and a snack disk worth over £15 as a prize just for you lovely lot, so pop your entries into the rafflecopter below and we will draw a winner from the correctly completed entries next week.
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  1. Is it the same as oxo cubes, I didn't even know they did this kind of thing?

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    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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