Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Someone Call The Lifegaurd

Just recently I feel a bit swept out to sea, please forgive lots of water metaphors but, when describing my feelings to Spartacus this was the theme that I found helped. 

So here it goes...  just lately I feel like I'm swimming against the current and struggling to keep my head above water and I feel like I need saving. 

I've felt like this before, with both of the big two I've sailed happily until about the 6 month mark, then the wobble starts. Now I'm unsure if it's the hormones, if it's just a normal phase or something more but I hate it I feel like I've lost myself, my motivation has dwindled  

So I've been feeling rather blue, Termite is no longer sleeping for good stretches, so I'm tired (what parent isn't, I hear you cry) which means I'm not on top of the daily functions of running a home, which in turn leads to me feeling out of control and muddled, it's a vicious circle! I've also lost my blogging way and feel uninspired and out of kilter. 

So I've formulated a plan, I'm going to undertake 'project streamline' I will be organised and de cluttered and efficient by springtime! I'm starting with a god de-clutter, then room by room we are going to re organise and rearrange, and I'm going to write lists and plans and we will be a smooth sailing ship once more.

Watch this space ....


  1. Bit by bit and little by little...that's the way.
    Sorry your feeling this way lovely.

  2. I am so sorry you feel this way - you're not alone (as you know). I think sometimes we need to let certain things drop, as much as it pains us to do so - just until we feel better. Do things a little bit at a time, you will get there. xx

  3. dont do too much as once because you dont want it to overwhelm you but room by room or even corner by corner sounds like a good plan big hugs hun xxxx

  4. You cant beat a good declutter and list compiling to get you back on track :-)

  5. Prioritise & don't expect too much of yourself x