Monday, 6 January 2014

Oxo Spice Jar Spoons Review

I love a gadget, I especially love kitchen gadgets so when the lovely folks at Oxo asked if I would like to review a product. I was very excited, they produce amazing things and I'm slowly building my collection of their gizmos and gadgets. I will admit though to being a little concerned when I discovered I would be reviewing Spice Jar Spoons, not because I thought they wouldn't be useful, but because I really thought, gosh how much can you say about some spoons....

Well let me tell you I love them, they are really fab, and I can find loads to tell you about them ... they come on a hoop which they just pop on and off so they all stay together Which is a good thing in my cutlery drawer of doom!  They  are made from stainless steel and the handles are smooth matt rubber/plastic so they feel expensive and well made. The spoon itself is made especially narrow to fit into the narrow opening of a spice jar and they are flat along the top so you can easily level the ingredients and get a nice accurate measure. Brilliantly they are also modelled in such a way that you can safely lay a full spoon on the bench and it stays level and doesn't topple and you don't spill any spice. Genius!

We love making new things and trying out different recipes here at monkey feet towers and curry is one of our favourite things, but its always a bit fiddly measuring out all the different spices. I will admit sometimes I'm just a ' guesser' which doesn't always lead to good results, just ask my husband about the cayenne pepper incident of 2009!!!  I'm happy to say I will now measure our spices with these little beauties.

I really can't think of anything negative about these and I'm very much looking forward to trying out Oxo's  other products we are currently  looking at the baby and toddler range as we move into Termites weaning. But my big wish list item is this genius creation ...

A no spill insulated mug which looks funky and may mean no more soggy baby bag and A HOT CUPPA when I'm out and about on my morning rush, sounds dreamy to me. Now where is  my Mothers Day wish list?

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*****The lovely folks at OXO sent this item free of charge but all opinions are those of Family Monkeyfeet


  1. Im a sucker for kitchen ware n stuff… these look great. I wonder if I can find out here??