Wednesday, 4 December 2013

What Will You Be Having For Christmas Lunch

I bemoan the rising cost of food all the time, our food bill is high, I'm always looking for ways to save money and cut down waste but I'm lucky, I can afford to pop along to the shop and buy something for tea whenever I want. There are parents in this country, in your town maybe even in your street, who can't afford 3 meals a day, mums who sit and watch their children eat whilst they go hungry because there isn't enough food for them hoping there may be a scrap left at the end for mum!!! 

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I've just signed an online petition started by Jack Monroe an amazingly inspirational woman who has been in this situation and tackled it with, in my opininion, a will of steel. She wants the government to look at the root cause of this problem and make changes and I'm with her, imagine sitting in the dark and cold with no gifts for your children this Christmas  because there really isn't enough money to have lights heating and food.

Food banks are being used 3 times more this year than at the same time last year which is a shocking increase. So I'm asking everyone I know to read this and sign if it moves you like it moved me. 


  1. Its a disgrace that so many people have to rely on foodbanks. This government really has it in for people on benefits as well as the working poor. Ive had clients with learning disabilities have their jobseekers sanctioned because they didnt correctly fill in their diary, clients missing appointments as they havent received a letter have their money stopped and people with blatent didabilities being declared fit for work. Foodbanks are a lifeline for those who otherwise wouldnt eat but it shouldnt be this way. We should be looking after the most vulnerable in our society instead of treating them with contempt. Im thankful that i can afford food for my kids, suitable clothing for them and can turn the heating on for them if theyre cold. It breaks my heart that some parents cannot afford that. :'( I would urge everyone to donate to a foodbank if they are able to. I had one client over the moon that she got a tin on heinz baked beans in her food parcel as she would never have been able to afford that even when her benefits are in payment. Its so so sad.

    1. Sorry that turned into a bit of a rant!

    2. No apologies necessary I agree and it's really heartbreaking to think that there are potentially kids in class with our kids who are living in this situation