Friday, 20 December 2013

Theatre Review, Tallest Tales From The Furthest Forest

I love visiting the theatre and I love that the Monkeyfooted ones love coming  with me, so it's always a happy day when we head off to see The Under 6's Christmas  Show at Northern Stage.

Off we set on a Saturday morning with my children chomping at the bit to get to their seats. 

The show starts before any performance has begun, in fact as soon as you walk through the doors to a transformed theatre. Gone is the normal seating configuration in favour of a theatre in the round, not just any old theatre though thanks to some excellent set design by Andrew Stephenson you are transported into a magical forest complete with birds tweeting. Children can sit right down at the front on comfortable cushioned mats.  The excitement builds as the Theatre fills and then a hush falls as The Leshies appear. Leshies are story telling, song singing, forest dwelling creatures and today they are helping a lost girl. She's had a fight with her father and found herself lost in a forest where she is told lots of stories, all of course with a lesson to be learned. 

This show is amazing and all three of my children sat transfixed , yes even Termite at a mere 15 weeks old loved it, the story is beautifully written by Susan Mulholland and brought to life by brilliantly talented Director Mark Calvert. With excellent performances from Ruth johnson, Alice Blundell, Michael Blair and Tom Walton. There are songs strories, interactive bun fights and puppets, even a dancing dough child! I won't spoil that part but it was the highlight of the show for me. 

Tickets are selling rapidly but if you can get your hands on some I can't recommend it highly enough. The show runs until 4th January and you can book online or call Box Office on 0191-2305151 

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